Giant Blocks Questions and Answers

Q. My giant blocks have been very popular and are starting to look discoloured. What do you recommend to clean them?

A. We find the high level of use in attractions can cause them to become discoloured after a couple of years as the surface coating wears away. The yellow blocks do show this more than the other colours. The blocks are washable and can even be cleaned in a dishwasher. However, whilst they will be clean it is very difficult to completely remove the ingrained marks. Often attractions will give away the ingrained blocks to local nurseries or just throw them away and just purchase a new supply.

Q. If we add the blocks to our attraction how can we ensure they stay in the designated area?

A. It is impossible to stop people from moving them if they intend to do so. However we have found that if you can create a clearly defined area which has possibly controlled access through a gate and some signage asking not to move them then that does seem to deter people.

Q. I am concerned children will throw them at each other.

A. Our experience is that this is a fairly rare occurrence. In fact the great thing is that it is one of the few activities where adults seem to enjoy getting involved in building, so there are far fewer opportunities for the children to use it as a weapon. The blocks are very light with no sharp edges so the risks of injury are very small.

Q. Being made of foam I am worried children will try to bite lumps out of the blocks?

A. Thankfully it would take some real effect to bite lumps out of the blocks. They are made from EVA foam, so they are very dense in their construction so it is far from easy to do any significant damage to the blocks.

Q. I am considering buying for a playgroup of ten children so will one box be sufficient?

A. I would say that if all the children are playing with them at the same time then it would not be enough. I would suggest one box would entertain up to four children, so you would possibly be better with two boxes. If you have an attraction then we have always recommended a minimum of three boxes.

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